The First I

by VocAddict | 07 Jul 2020 | Diary, Web Development

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Hey! I finally got this site’s blog up! I’ll be using this blog to post updates for my works that do not fall under the VoXil banner as well as things that would be eventually be implemented on my producer site as I don’t want to clog up that feed with minor updates.

Most of the things done here would be relating to web development. Many of the site changes that would take place here are already in effect but I thought it would be nice to have a live environment to test these changes out instead of my very narrow testing on the beta password locked testing site, so here we are!

One of the things that would eventually make it that are in effect right now is the theme changer (the sun in the navbar when you first load the site) and the share button (right next to the sun) to help make the user experience a bit more pleasant. I’m working on implementing a static comment server but let’s just say it’s not so fun right now. 😅

I would also be discussing things relating to vocal synthesisers such as opinions on differing software as well as my journey with the software (obviously). I’ve been meaning to do this for a while ever since I made a Tumblr page (and never got around to use) since Twitter really isn’t that great for long discussions.

There might be some other minor things in the pipeline such as projects on GitHub a cover or two if I ever get around to uploading any of that, but I think you get the gist of what this site is about, yeah? Great, I can shut up now.